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Is philanthropy one of your financial goals?

We can help you establish a philanthropic structure that is tax-effective and will provide ongoing support for the causes that mean the most to you.

Perhaps you had planned to leave a portion of your estate to charity or you’re one of the many tireless volunteers that work to support local charities that struggle for funding. We can help you make the most of your hard work and charitable giving.

Australians are generous. Statistics from 2017-2019 show that Australians donate between 0.41% and 0.46% of their income to charity, with the average donation of Western Australians being $1,469.61. And these are just the statistics for tax-deductible donations.

With this in mind, you may wish for philanthropy be a consideration in your broad financial planning strategy. Being smart with your generosity means that your donation will have a bigger impact and will reach more of those who need it.

How does it work?

Private ancillary funds

An individual or a business can establish a private ancillary fund with an appointed trustee (including a responsible director). A substantial initial donation is made to the fund which is then invested. A minimum percentage of the value of the fund is donated through grants to various, targeted charities each year.

This philanthropic structure is tax-effective, flexible and ongoing, meaning that the initial donation continues to be invested within the fund, generating income for future donations.

Public ancillary funds

Philanthropy was once the domain of the extremely wealthy, but that’s no longer the case. Public ancillary funds provide much of the flexibility and longevity of a private ancillary fund for smaller donations, meaning more people can reach their philanthropic goals. Families and businesses can create their own sub-fund within a larger charitable fund for as little as $20,000 (tax-deductible) and donate to worthy causes on an ongoing basis.

In 2017-18, sub-funds held assets of over $1 billion and through this granted $57 million to charity.

Philanthropy Australia

Australian Communities Foundation

Australian Communities Foundation Logo

The Australian Communities Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a flexible, accessible and tax-effective solution to charitable giving in Australia. Through ACF’s pooled resources and sub-fund management accounts, individuals or businesses can support the community and target the causes that mean the most to them via charitable grants.

The Ethical Wealth Partners Charitable Fund

Ethical Wealth Partners is committed to supporting charitable giving, both through our own charitable fund, as well as helping our clients achieve their own philanthropic goals.

We have established the Ethical Wealth Charitable Fund through Australian Communities Foundation and have pledged to donate a percentage of profits to continue to grow upon our initial donation so that we may help build a better, fair and vibrant community.

The Ethical Wealth Partners Charitable Fund is committed to supporting a diverse and equitable community through the promotion of education, environmental and social justice causes.

Michael Harwood

Reach your philanthropic goals

Talk to us to learn more about this exciting philanthropic opportunity and join the growing community of Australians that have integrated charitable giving into their financial planning.

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